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Unplug for your own sanity

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Unplug for your own sanity

Have a look around, it’s not hard to notice that lately everywhere you look there are Zombies stuck with their heads staring at their phones, laptops and other devices. While this is not new thing, it is definitely getting worse with phone signal or Wi-Fi now available almost everywhere we go.

Every time I go around to my Mom's, my Dad tells me to put the phone down chill out and pay attention to the life that’s happening all around me, I know he is right. The problem as I see it however is that we lead busy lives and tend to either use our phones for work, for a distraction from it, planning our social lives or reading something new on the internet or social media.

There are a lot of awesome things to see, learn and experience via the internet. The reality however is that a lot of the time we are actually getting caught up in the social media trap of reading articles of no real interest to us, following people’s lives we don't really know and generally wasting time that could be spent more wisely elsewhere.

Do not worry though friends, you can find salvation! Try these ways of reprogramming to save yourself:

  • Go for a run! You can’t watch or read other people’s lives going on because you’ll trip and fall. Listen to music, an audio book, a podcast, or if you haven’t done for a while listen to nature and get lost in your thoughts, it's awesome.

  • Set a timer to go off after 5 minutes when you go to check Facebook or any social media site so you don't mindlessly lose precious hours in your day.

  • Spend time having conversations with those around you and turn the god damn thing off!

  • People watch and revel in your own glory that you are not caught up in the Matrix.

I should say, I don’t hate social media, far from it. I use it daily for my business and I love my phone and all the amazing features and the wonder of the world of information I have at my finger tips. I believe though that we have to realise if we want to achieve our dreams and do all the things, we want to in life then we should spend more time doing and less time reading about and being envious of the lives other people portray on social media. Live your life the way you want to, doing things you love because it makes you happy, not because it makes for a good post on social media.

Book a holiday with no internet, see new places, discover other cultures and learn by their examples or go on your own micro adventure.

Right I'm off for a run, choosing to spending my time wisely and unplug for a while. You have one life so go live it!

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