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Train to be a Warrior

The hows and why's of exercise and why we train hard at Primal Fitness.

With exercise, people are going to choose exercise and movements that they find the most attractive to them.

At Primal fitness we believe to be mentally and physical strong that we should try to be all rounders, someone who is physically and mentally as strong, fit, fast and has the best endurance they can have, so we can take on whatever life throws at us. So we train all these aspects.

We should try to find balance in aspects of fitness, our pushing and pulling abilities and be as strong upper body as we are with our lower bodies.

To achieve this balance of body and mind we need to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones by constantly challenging ourselves.

When training our bodies the strain should come in as…

-Power 1-5 reps, 4-8sets

-Strength:5 reps or below, 4-10sets

-Hypertrophy : 6-18 reps3-5sets

-Muscular endurance: 15-50reps, 1-3sets


-Aerobic- 50 & above reps looking at repeat active movements over big spaces of time (5k-Marathon type activities)  higher efforts/heart rates

-Anaerobic 50 & above reps looking at repeat active movements over big spaces of time (100m- 5k in intervals type activities)  higher efforts/heart rates.

When training our minds it is important to set ourselves up for success mentally first and create a no quit mentality with…

-Identify what is expected

-Never presume anything (it may be more than you anticipated)

-Keep going. When you feel like quitting push yourself to do a little bit more (for yourself), you’ll have more strength when you need it by doing this.

-Break your training down into… step by step; 1 session at a time, 1 task at a time and even 1 rep at a time when necessary.

-Focus on small wins, stay humble and be a team player (helping and encouraging others will have a positive effect on you even if you’re knackered)

We focus on all these aspects on our online plans and challenges, classes and events. Check them out in the website for more details.

Join our Free Primal X workout of the week to build your consistency, add to your current fitness routine and inner strength. Primal X

Whatever way you choose to train get these things right and day by day you’ll feel stronger, more capable a look forward to the challenges ahead.

Train your weaknesses over your strengths and be ready for anything!

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