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Check out our Heroes from the Ultimate Primal Athlete Challenge!

Only those who have completed all the Ultimate Primal Athlete Challenge Quests will be added to the Primal Heroes Board.

This is the place you will find the true Heroes of Fitness, those who have proved themselves, pushed past their limits, stayed consistent & worked really hard to achieve their goals and become the few who have earned the title of Ultimate Primal Athlete! 

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Primal Fitness Heroes from the Ultimate Primal Athlete Challenge. 

Can you make it on to the Heroes Board!




The Ultimate Primal Athlete Challenge. 

The Ultimate Primal Athlete is a group coaching challenge that will keep you accountable, honest, and motivated to do more and make huge improvements to your health, fitness and wellness goals.

This is done by completing a multitude of different QUESTS, that help you improve on the simple things that ultimately (pun intended) make you function better as a Primal Athlete, husband, wife, parent, employer, employee,… and better human being, who's ready for anything. Our quests will prompt you to do physical and mental challenges, to get active, attend classes and win prizes, this is not just for Primal fitness class members, this is for everyone, so get your Mom, son, friends, even your dog groomer and join us in a You vs You challenge, that will keep you consistent ….over 6months, with a community chat group, monthly updates, coach access, physical and mental challenges and more that can be completed anywhere, with little to no equipment.


Do things your future self will thank you for!

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