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Primal Warrior Athlete Program. 

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You have tried time and time again to get started, only to loose motivation and fall short of your goals, its time to cut the shit and hit standards that help you rescue yourself, make you become the warrior in your household, and create a stronger body and mind that is ready to take on everything life throws at you, with more focus, become more consistent and finally take control of your life, health and fitness. *Make this bigger problems*


Here you will find your truth and prove to yourself that you can be more and regain your Fitness, Confidence, and

Make every week a reference to past warriors

Ultimate Primal Athlete logo 1.JPG.png

To be part of the Primal Warrior Training group is...

To be a Primal Warrior is to

a group coaching challenge that will keep you accountable, honest, and motivated to do more and make huge improvements to your health, fitness and wellness goals.

This is done by completing a multitude of different QUESTS, that help you improve on the simple things that ultimately (pun intended) make you function better as a Primal Athlete, husband, wife, parent, employer, employee,… and better human being, who's ready for anything. Our quests will prompt you to do physical and mental challenges, to get active, attend classes and win prizes, this is not just for Primal fitness class members, this is for everyone, so get your Mom, son, friends, even your dog groomer and join us in a You vs You challenge, that will keep you consistent ….over 6months, with a community chat group, monthly updates, coach access, physical and mental challenges and more that can be completed anywhere, with little to no equipment.


Do things your future self will thank you for!


  • When does the Ultimate Primal Athlete Challenge start and finish?
    The Ultimate Primal Athlete Challenge runs for a seasons (6 months) and quests will be added and updated throughout the Challenge. Participants can join at any time; however, prize may increase over time and it becomes more difficult to complete the more time has passed This should not stop you from joining as you will still be able to make improvements to your health, fitness and wellbeing and may still be able to win prizes.
  • What is an Ultimate Primal Athlete Quest?,…
    An Ultimate Primal Athlete Quest is how we present the Ultimate Primal Athlete challenges. Each quest has a different aim and objective to help you make improvements to your health, fitness, and wellbeing. Quests that will help you measure progress, go on adventures, push your limits, gain personal bests, prove your worth, meet others and hold each other accountable in our chat group, with meet ups and coach’s questions. All with the aim of helping you find improvements in yourself, so you can become a better version of you and a chance to win prizes. What categories do the Ultimate Primal Athlete quests come in? 6 quest categories of the Ultimate Primal Athlete,… 1. Goals & Measurements quests 2. Primal Athlete quests 3. Event quests 4. Adventure quests 5. Habits and mindfulness quests 6. Monthly Updates Points of the Ultimate Primal Athlete,... 1. Creating Goals, measuring progress, consistency, motivation, and accountability. 2. Chat group, community, and coaching 3. Habits, mindfulness, and better daily practices. 4. Challenges, competitions, workouts, and prizes 5. Experiences & Adventures, 6. Fitness & Movement; cardio, strength, mobility.
  • What happens if I want to end my subscription to the Ultimate Primal Athlete?
    Your payments will be stopped and you will no longer have access to the challenge and the quests. you will no longer be eligible for the prize draw at the end of the Season (6months) you will however be able to complete your last months quests.
  • How do I sign up to the Ultimate Primal Athlete?
    Download the Primal Fitness App on Fit by Wix. Purchase a subscription plan from the website or App join the challenge in "Virtual challenges and programs" and follow the instructions. Contact us if you have any problems signing up.
  • Any further enquiries please ask them in the Ultimate Primal Athlete chat group or contact us via the contact details on the website.
  • Are you a Primal Athlete? Who is the Ultimate Primal Athlete Challenge for?
    A Primal Athlete is anyone who wants see improvements in themselves, someone who wants to get up every day and see what they’re capable of, who doesn’t make excuses and accepts responsibility for their current situation and challenges they may face and takes steps towards their progression, uses the things around them to make improvements in their health, fitness and wellbeing, someone who acknowledges they will always want more, however recognises it’s ultimately up to them to achieve this and is doing something about it. If this sounds like you, or you want to become all you can be, then join Primal Fitness in the Ultimate Primal Athlete challenge and measure your current levels and abilities, take action and earn T-shirts, Medals, Prizes and become part of the Primal hero’s board. You have a financial pension, now invest in your physical pension,...YOU! The Ultimate Primal Athlete is for anyone who wants to make improvements in their health, fitness, and wellbeing (class and non-class athletes, old and young), all the quests are designed to challenge the participant to their level and can be completed at the participants leisure.
  • How long is a Ultimate Primal Athlete challenge subscription and how can I win a subscription break?
    Each subscription payment (month) gives you access to everything in the Ultimate Primal Athlete challenge for the month and the Ultimate Primal Athlete Challenge is 6 months long, subscription payments continue till the end of the 6 month season. Subscription breaks will be award to members who have brought others to join the challenge and both are still subscribed at the time of being awarded. Bring as many people to join as you want, a max of 3 months of subscription freezing will be awarded per person that wins them and the subscription breaks will start at the end of the season challenge e.g. months 6,5 & 4. The earlier you get them to join the more breaks you'll have chance to claim, breaks will not be back paid for late entries.
  • How do I get on the Primal Heroes board?
    You will be added to the Primal Heroes Board once the Ultimate Primal Athlete season is over and if you have completed all the quests in a full season (6months) of the challenge, you will then receive your Ultimate Primal Athlete Title and T-Shirt at this point. (T-Shirts ordered after completion). Simply by being part of the Ultimate Primal Athlete Challenge you will also be eligible for entry into the prize draw
  • Where is the Ultimate Primal Athlete Challenge held?
    The Challenge is an online Challenge that has physical and mental quests that can be completed anywhere and in different environments, with more quests added throughout the challenge. This is not your standard online challenge or training plan, the quests you will have to complete will have you training outdoors, with others, setting up better daily routines and habits and going on adventures. This is not your average workouts sat in front of your TV.
  • What prizes are on offer and how to achieve them?
    All the prizes offer in the Ultimate Primal Athlete Challenge and information of how to win them will be presented inside the challenge itself and on social media. To make it fair for everyone the price of the Ultimate Primal Athlete will go up every month, giving everyone a good chance to win the prizes at a similar cost.
Ultimate Primal Athlete logo 2.JPG.png
Ultimate Primal Athlete logo 2.JPG.png

What's included!

Time to find your mojo



Monthly subscription (cancel at any time)

  • Access to 10+ training plans (including Primal event prep plans)      

  • Full Re-Align Mobility, Stability and mindfulness series

  • 300+ instructional videos              

  • Access to coaching advice (ME)  

  • Catch up and check in every month

  • Access to the PWTG support & chat group  

  • Discount on Live Primal Events    

  • AGOGE (30 or 99) challenge

  • Inner Voice journaling challenge 

  • The Weekly Pay the Man/Friday smash up workouts

  • Physical meet ups and challenges                   

  • All accessible via the Primal Fitness App 👊🏻


Ultimate Primal Athlete logo 2.JPG.png

Best Value

Primal Warrior TG



Every month

Primal Warrior training group (PWTG) subscription plan

Valid until canceled

Access to all online programs & resources in the PWTG


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