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The Primal Warrior (SCR) challenge & program

  • 70Days
  • 85Steps
Everyone who has completed all steps in the program will get a badge.


The Primal Warrior soldier conditioning review (SCR) challenge is more than just a fitness program. It is an interactive, challenge that will give you chance to see if you meet the fitness standards of the British Army, while letting you compete against your peers in weekly competitions (video evidence) & gain an overall score to see how you have improved. The program has strength & cardio workouts, comps & more, over a 6wk plan that will give you chance to earn your PW Challenge Tee & virtual badge (receive your Tee on completion of the challenge). The challenge is based on the new Army fitness review, which is made to assess the overall fitness capacity of a Soldier, to test that they have the min physical requirements necessary to be prepared to deploy no matter their sex, age or where they serve. There is no need for a gym membership (although there are some minimums) & there are suggested alternatives for all levels of fitness. There is no pass or fail scores but you will be able to rank your fitness against the traffic light system (Green, amber & red scores) put in place, used to assess strengths & weaknesses & let you work on making improvements in your weaker areas. By entering this challenge you are agreeing that you are of sound body & mind & have no reasons in which you should not be taking part in physical activities. If you have any concerns you should consult your doctor before taking on any challenge.

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