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The Ultimate Primal Athlete

  • 205Days
  • 240Steps
Everyone who has completed all steps in the program will get a badge.


Join us on a quest of self-improvement. This group coaching challenge will help you become the best version of yourself. This is not TV workouts, this is working outdoors with others. Consistency is the key to success and this is the perfect way to keep you on target. With as little as 1% improvement to your health and fitness each week, you can make a 52% improvement in a year and feel a great sense of achievement. By building up gradually, you’ll feel better each week. Why wait? Start today and become the fastest, strongest and fittest version of yourself. You will only receive the title of Ultimate Primal Athlete, The limited edition T-Shirt and be entered into the prize draw by completing all the quests from the challenge before the end of the 6months (Jan-Jun). Quests will begin as soon as you sign up in the Primal App and extras are added at the start of each month. Quests such as; complete all 4 parks in a week, complete a fitness event, workout of the month, achieve a personal best and adventure quests, as well as mindfulness and morning routines and more to keep you motivated. Not a Primal fitness class member, live too far away or can’t make the class times? No problem, there are quests just for you. Complete the quests and become one of the few with title of ‘Ultimate Primal Athletes’. Become stronger, faster, all enduring, show your, self worth & integrity & earn the limited edition Ultimate Primal Athlete T-Shirt and be entered into the prize draw.

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