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Sandbag challenge training program

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Welcome to the Sandbag Challenge program. This program was created to help prepare you for the Sandbag challenge, building up your sandbag strength and endurance so you can be ready for anything. Use RPE (Recipients Perceived exertion) to dictate the intensity and effort level used in each workout. Most the workouts are under 60mins long, however some are longer so plan ahead to fit them in when you have more time, There are multiple options for some of the harder/time consuming sessions and added extra 10minute sessions in case you are short of time or want extra. Minimal equipment necessary 1.Sandbag (15kg) or a Deadweight (weighted rucksack or tyre) 2. Pull up bar or TRX (for extra recovery, not essential) 3. Trainers (trail if you have them) You'll make improvements in your grip & pulling strength, stamina, speed, strength and of course Sandbag carrying ability and Burpees!!

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