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Primal Warrior Strength plan

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Welcome to the Primal Warrior Strength plan. The objective of this plan is to make your body functionally stronger, hitting all body parts in each training session in under an hour. so you can take on whatever life throws at you! Each days workout is focused on compound movements (major movement pattern; push, pull or legs) with a super/tri set to allow time for recovery of the main moving muscles and to hit the other body parts less but still worked out, adding recovery. Examples; Full body breakdown % Pull day - pull 85, legs 70, push 60% Push day - push 85, legs 70, pull 60% Legs - legs 85, push 70, pull 60% This strength plan requires a small amount of equipment (as listed below) Gym access makes this easier but not essential Pull up bar TRX straps or Olympic Rings x2 Kettlebells of equal weight, Dumbbells, Sandbag or Barbell Resistance bands (differing strengths) Swiss ball or unstable platform Box/jump platform Tyre/sled (drags/pushes) Wallball Stick Mat Cardio equipment; Rower/Ski erg/Skipping rope or Trainers (to run in), anything cardio Clock/stopwatch

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