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Want to improve the bond and increase the team work in your football, rugby, work team or just want to challenge a group of friend?

Then the Primal Fitness Team building challenge is for you. 

An opportunity to test and build better team work, fitness assessment or just a difficult group challenge. 

Primal Fitness fitness assessment (PFFA)

Primal Fitness fitness assessment (PFFA)

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Flexibility & Mobility

Score everything out of 10 points (10 being excellent)

1. Touch your toes (legs straight, hands flat on floor is 10)

2. Deep squat (Feet shoulder width apart, feet forwards, back straight is 10)


This has to be done as fast as possible.

Your score is your times.

4. 400m sprint


Hold as long as possible

High Plank (Arms straight, Back straight & core engaged)

Wall Squat (Thighs parallel to the ground)

Primal Games and Pt
Full fitness assessments and programs

For a more  a comprehensive assessment and a
way in which to measure future improvements to your fitness, check out the Primal Games. You can also join our Virtual Primal Games in online programs or go deeper by getting coaching from Barny in Personal Training (online or in person) to help you discover what fitness level you can achieve.

Muscular Endurance

This is an Every Minute On The Minute (EMOM) Challenge. The aim is to do as many chest to floor Burpees as you can in your last min before the next minute starts. Your sore will be the min you do complete (not the one you finish in, not completed). Start at x5 in the 1st minute and then add x 1 Rep each minute round.

Burpees (EMOM). (Chest must touch the floor and feet must leave the ground with hands clapping up above your head and eyes up, every rep)

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